Who we are

St. Benedict’s is a temporary refuge for regional individuals experiencing homelessness.

St. Benedict’s provides temporary 24/7 emergency shelter to 64 men nightly, serving more than 500 men annually.

We also provide day shelter to 40 women and families daily at our women and families location.

Until the 2020-21 winter season when COVID-19 hit, we served nearly 150 women, men, children, and families through our White Flag Program annually.

In addition, we provide 26 beds at four residential transitional homes for men recovering from substance use, veterans, and women with crisis pregnancy. Through each program, we are dedicated to providing a nonjudgmental, Christian atmosphere, and access-to-care programs.

Our facilities

  • Emergency shelter for men
  • Day shelter for women and families
  • Maternal home for crisis pregnancies (St. Gerard Home)
  • Transitional housing for veterans (Honor Home)
  • Transitional housing for chronic homelessness or substance use recovery (Good Samaritan and Foundation Homes)

Our services

  • Targeted case management (A behavioral health service for individuals suffering with substance use disorder, mental illness, or emotional disorders)
  • Case management (A service for individuals not suffering from substance use, emotional, or mental disorders)
  • Laundry facilities
  • Showers
  • Bible studies
  • Technology center (Area search for employment, education, and housing opportunities)
  • Life skills
  • Advocacy
  • Education services
  • Employment services
  • Housing assistance
  • Outreach
  • Crisis intervention
  • Homelessness prevention plans
  • Free WiFi
  • Drug-free environment


In a nonjudgmental atmosphere, we address barriers to self-sufficiency and provide resources for people to move into permanent housing and become independent.

Mission Statement

To provide safe, nonjudgmental shelter and social support services in a Christian atmosphere.