Veterans transitional housing

Veterans transitional housing — The Honor Home

St. Benedict’s Honor Home is designed to embrace and empower veterans dealing with homelessness.

The house offers two-man rooms, eliminating the crowded feel of a traditional shelter.  Yet the Honor Home provides a sense of family and companionship with a group of individuals who have experienced many of life’s same trials.

Living in a traditional shelter may prove difficult for many veterans, who struggle with flashbacks and PTSD. The Honor Home provides structure and independence in a setting that better suits veterans’ needs.

History of the Honor Home

Memorial Day 2017 is a day to remember at St. Benedict’s because it proved to be the genesis of the nonprofit’s Honor Home for Veterans.

The nonprofit’s director was talking with a 71-year-old gentleman about the man’s work ethic and commitment to becoming independent. 

During the chat, the director noticed the older gentleman began and ended sentences with “sir.” It became clear he was a veteran.

He told the director about his time in the military and revealed bad decisions that eventually led to his homelessness.

At the end of the conversation, the man told the director he felt God’s presence surrounding him at St. Benedict’s, and he hoped to secure a bed at one of the shelter’s transitional homes. The veteran declared he would never give up on a better life and would live everyday with fire and ambition.

The Holy Spirit immediately moved the director of St. Benedict’s.  He knew the nonprofit would soon open another transitional home.  That day, God laid it on the director’s heart to dedicate the facility to veterans only.

When a deed search was done later on the Honor Home, St. Benedict’s discovered a former owner was Veterans Affairs, which seemed like more proof that God had ordained the decision.

Donations can be earmarked for the Honor Home Fund, and anyone who wants to share time, talent and other resources with veterans should call St. Benedict’s Executive Director Harry Pedigo at 27-315-4419.