Be A Voice

This movement is all about being a voice for the voiceless. As we see too often, homeless men are stereotyped and stigmatized, making it harder for them to overcome their barriers to independence. These stigmas and stereotypes make it hard for us to access funds or raise money because of the preconceived notion “they’re men and should be able to provide.”

The movement is designed to bring awareness to the truth- they are men of flesh and bone. Their circumstances can be changed through support, awareness, advocacy, services, housing, and people speaking out to destigmatize homelessness and empowering not only the men, but the places fighting for them.

How can you join the movement?

Support your local shelter
Speak out to destigmatize homelessness
Share your time, talents, and treasures
Advocate for shelter
Get involved

The truth is, we are all close to homelessness ourselves and what we do today could have a lasting impact on tomorrow. Embracing homelessness, versus dismissing it, is the beginning of the end of homelessness. These individuals are flesh and blood, and most importantly, they are our neighbors. Every one of us has had an encounter with someone homeless or near homeless, yet we probably didn’t recognize it. This movement is about taking action, speaking out, and getting involved.

Will you get involved? Will you Be A Voice?

Join us today in this movement!