Your Generosity Makes it Happen

Private donations support 90% of St. Benedict’s operating expenses. The other 10% is provided through grants funded by local governments and other agencies. We receive NO state or federal funding.

The most effective and efficient way to give to St. Benedict’s Homeless Shelter is through financial support, and the fastest way to do that is online. Your financial gifts to St. Benedict’s Homeless Shelter provide a wide range of help to meet the needs of our guests — everything from the physical to the practical, from the emotional to the spiritual. Your support provides meals, shelter, clothing, job training, recovery programs, transitional housing, spiritual training, and more — just about everything a person needs to get back on their feet, find a fresh start, and have hope for the future.

If you’d like to learn more about how a large gift can make a difference, please contact 270-315-4419.