Targeted Case Management

We offer Targeted Case Management Services to those with Substance Use Disorder (SUD), Severe Mental Illness (SMI), and Severe Emotional Disorder (SED). 

“Targeted Case Management (TCM) Services” is  service furnished to assist a client in gaining access to needed medical, social, educational, or other needed services and supports. TCM is a wraparound service designed to work in conjunction with an individual actively working with a therapist for mental health problems or in a substance abuse treatment program. TCM is done as a team with a qualified targeted case manager, therapist, substance abuse program, and the client. 

TCM Services:

  1. Assessment of the client’s medical, social, and functional status and identification of the client’s strengths and needs;
  2. Arranging for service delivery from the client’s, the client’s legal guardian, or the client’s custodial parent’s chosen provider to insure access to required services;
  3. Facilitating access to needed services by explaining the need and importance of services in relation to the client’s condition/situation;
  4. Facilitating access, quality, and delivery of necessary services; and 
  5. Preparation and maintenance of case record documentation to include care plans, forms, reports, and narratives as appropriate. 

The role of a targeted case manager is to assist individuals in accessing and maintaining independent living in the community in an integrated setting. Services provided by a TCM:

  • Assessment of the client
  • Participation in development of the client’s service plan
  • Referrals, linkage, and coordination of Medicaid and Non Medicaid services
  • Advocacy
  • Monitoring
  • Reassessment and follow-up
  • Establishment and maintenance of case record
  • Crisis assistance planning