Sponsor A Bed

Consider Sponsoring A Bed

We invite you to partner with St. Benedict’s to help pay for the particular needs of a resident for an entire year. As a bed sponsor, you will provide food, personal grooming products, bed linens, prescription assistance, personal documents, rental deposits, utility deposits, and even case management. Not to mention Bed Sponsoring allowed us to convert from an overnight shelter to a full time 24/7 facility. 

Sponsoring a bed changes lives! 


Your cost is less than $1.50 a day. A bed sponsorship is $500 and can be paid in full or by 12 monthly installments of $41.67.

Your gift for sponsoring

Each sponsor, or named honoree, will be recognized for an entire year on a prominently displayed plaque at the shelter. All bed sponsor donations to the St. Benedict’s are tax deductible.

Join as a bed sponsor now