“I am writing this short letter to whom it may concern about the opportunity I was given to be a part of the Good Samaritan House. Around eight months ago I submitted my application to live at the house and was then accepted which was a pure blessing at the time since after completing the program at Owensboro Regional Recovery Center I really didn’t know where to go from there, but I knew in my heart God wanted my new home to be Owensboro. I had just gained employment at Don Moore Chevrolet so was very happy to be able to stay in town. I moved in a little apprehensive but was met with loving open arms and treated better than ever expected. The men and I became like family helping each other grow in taking care of the daily chores and with responsibility in general. There was never a time that I needed any type of help that St. Benedict’s wasn’t there fast and in a hurry. I will forever be in their debt, while there I was able to save enough money to get my own place which is great since I am getting married soon. With that i can never say thank you enough but I am a person who shows his gratitude in his actions and will show others the same compassion and servant spirit that I was shown through the generosity of St. Benedict’s”.


“Where to even truly begin other than gratitude, as I sit here writing this testimony about what St Benedicts and the Good Samaritan Home have done for me, I cannot believe where I am at today in my life. This process all started back in Owensboro, Kentucky.

The very first time ever of hearing of Owensboro was the day I was moving there, little did I know what would be in store for me, from building my life back to make life long friends, to be being of service to others.

I came to Owensboro, a battered, beaten and broken man. I had no idea who I was, or what I stood for in my life, I also had no idea where i was about to live for the course of the next year and a half. That is where St Benedict’s stepped in and offered me a helping hand. I met with an advocate from there and he embraced me as his brother, at that point in my life I was guarded and weary of anyone and everyone, like a stray dog that had been abused I didn’t trust anyone, i always thought that they had a motive. Upon entering Owensboro and meeting the advocate and talking to him, I let my guard down slightly and became willing to do whatever it took to get my life back into semi-order.

I moved into St. Benedict’s on July 20th, 2013, and my life changed drastically. While I lived there, I had the opportunity to meet other clients and talk among them, i had the opportunity to meet the staff that so graciously cared for me in my time of despair, always uttering words of encouragement and giving advice. I moved out three days later to go to treatment, but i would return shortly due to some unruly behavior on my part. Three months later I found myself knocking on their door, asking if they had a bed available. They welcomed me with open arms, as true followers of Christ would do.

I moved into my own home, where I was able to take all the lessons that I had learned through my stay at St. Benedict’s and the Good Samaritan home and apply them. Eventually I would get to a point where I was able to move back home to Atlanta, GA and be of service to those down there including my family. That is where I am at today but had it not been for the gracious and kind souls at St. Benedict’s and The Good Samaritan Home, I do not know where I would be today.

Today though, I am a chef in Atlanta, I am following my dreams and my passion, living my life to the fullest and with the utmost gratitude for the second chance that has been bestowed upon me. I give back as much as I possibly can to my community because that is what was done to be”.