Our Services

We are more than a shelter

As Owensboro’s homeless population has increased and with bed space limited, we focus on the barriers many homeless face. These barriers are, but are not limited to: mental health issues, substance abuse issues, alcoholism, lack of rental history, lack of personal documentation, among other issues that may be different depending on each individual resident. We address such barriers through an array of social services such as; Emergency Shelter, Life Skills Classes, Case Management, Targeted Case Management, Drug and Alcohol Assessments, Crisis Prevention Plans, Exit Strategy Plans, Bible Studies, Advocacy of outside Services, and Transitional Living. Transitional Living Homes allow our clients to reclaim self sufficiency by introducing them to to responsible living in a model that fosters self determination. The goal is to get individuals out on their own, become self sufficient members of society, and to become productive and knowledgeable about the gifts of serving others.