Massey: ‘(St. Gerard) has helped me so much … .’

Jada Massey expects the next few weeks to be “scary but exciting.”

Massey and her 3-month-old daughter, Rhylee, are making a big move.

They are set to leave the safety of St. Gerard Maternal Home and become self-sufficient with a home of their own.

Massey, 24, came to St. Gerard in early September. The nonprofit supports moms experiencing crisis pregnancies.

About a month later, Massey gave birth to Rhylee.

Massey grew up in Bowling Green. “I needed a new start, a place where I didn’t know anybody and nobody knew me.”

St. Gerard provided the ability to begin life anew.

Massey has been sober since she moved into St. Gerard, a division of St. Benedict’s Shelter for Men that can house up to six moms and their babies.

“(St. Gerard) has helped me so much with staying sober,” Massey said. “They are very friendly, and they actually care about helping you get better. It changed my life.”

Since first moving into St. Gerard, Massey has worked as a receptionist at Counseling Connections. She plans to continue that job.

In addition to Rhylee, Massey’s family includes a 4-year-old daughter who lives in Bowling Green. Massey plans to start the process of regaining custody of her older child.

St. Gerard played a key role in Massey’s life during a critical time.

“I really appreciate (St. Gerard),” Massey said. “Without that place, I would not be where I am today.”