Freda O’Bryan: ‘St. Benedict’s is very near and dear to my heart’

Freda O’Bryan has served more than a decade as a volunteer at St. Benedict’s. Here’s what she has to say about her time of service.

“St. Benedict’s is very near and dear to my heart.

“From the start of my volunteering 11 years ago, I was committed and emotionally involved.

“The gentlemen are respectful and even give an appreciative ‘thank you.’

“Some just want a listening ear to talk about family. Some of the residents come, and their stay is short. While for others, their stay is longer.  Calling them by name and having a conversation is easy.

“All St. Benedict’s staff who I have had an opportunity to volunteer with have always been kind, understanding, and fair in their dealings with the residents.

“St. Benedict’s is definitely very positive and helpful to all residents. The environment provides a relationship of trust and friendship in the Lord.”