Gratitude In Action

Meet Ronnie and Darrell! 

These two men once needed us but quickly seen we needed them too. Having stayed here for a brief period of time, both Darrell and Ronnie have entered into our Transitional Housing Program. Through case management and self determination, these men have chosen to give back to the place that freely gave to them. Their motivation is inspiring to others and their dedication to giving back, motivates. 

Everyday these two men come in to clean, prepare snacks, organize, and stock supplies. They set an example for all of us and we can learn so much from their action of gratitude. When Ronnie and Darrell come in, we grin and give thanks to God. We can truly see and feel the Holy Spirit working within their hearts, through their actions. The time they spend here has truly inspired us, deepened our fellowship with them, and gives meaning to all of our effort. 

When we grow up, we want to be just like Darrell and Ronnie!