Robert — a veteran

“My name is Robert and I’m a 46-year-old veteran.

“I had a situation that placed me where there was a difficult choice to make. I loved Kentucky, wanting to stay here instead of relocating to another state and beginning all over once again I had no one to turn towards for help.

“After explaining my situation to someone, they directed me towards Saint Benedict’s Homeless Shelter for Men. A good man welcomed me in, gave me a bed, and hope for a future.

“It’s been a great experience so far, living in Owensboro and growing to love this town more each day. Just as a family loves one another, we’ve had our high points and low points.

“Thank God that when I was low there were friends who lifted me up.

“The shelter was a godsend! During the low points, I knew that there would be a great dinner and a warm bed waiting for me each night. That thought alone was a great comfort, and I share this very thought for others to consider when it seems no one cares.

“I’m glad the staff was there to oversee us, and it was a great pleasure working with the other men in the shelter. 

“Loving our neighbor as ourselves and looking out for each other to create an environment to be as safe as it possibly can be was challenging and rewarding considering that there are men from all walks of life living together there.

“Eventually, the staff convinced me to take advantage of living in (St. Benedict’s) Honor Home for Veterans. I’m glad to have the opportunity to work my way from the bottom up in Owensboro. Thank you, for loving me.”