The Voice of Lewis

My name is Lewis! 

I am a 46-year-old male from Owensboro, Kentucky.

I am single with two daughters, and I am the youngest of three siblings.

I am blessed to be a grandfather-to-be to a little boy. I am currently in remission from lymphoma cancer and a person in long-term recovery from substance use. Since staying here at St. Benedict’s Shelter, I have been able to string together a year of sobriety. 

I want people to know that I am not the man I used to be.

I started my recovery by talking with the staff at St. Benedict’s. Their experience and compassion gave me hope. This is where my journey to recovery began.

Today, I find I can be more honest and open with people. I have truly been able to be myself, make new friends, be a friend and build a foundation in my recovery, while staying at St. Benedict’s. It keeps me accountable and gives me structure. 

My goals — now that my health is under control and my recovery is getting stronger — is to find a job and a home. I want to be a better father than I have been and hopefully have a healthy relationship with my children.

I see all these things coming soon as a result of sobriety and perseverance.