Jeff: ‘I may be homeless, but I have a lot of goals’

“My name is Jeff. I am a 61-year-old male from Owensboro, Kentucky.

“I am living at St. Benedict’s because I became homeless.

“I am currently divorced and have three grown children. The greatest moment of my life was when my children were born.

“One thing about me that I want people to know is I can be a friend if they need or want someone to talk to.

“The shelter has been a really good experience for me. The staff has been good to me. They provide good food and a safe atmosphere to live in.

“I may be homeless, but I have a lot of goals that I am planning to accomplish. I am currently studying to take the work keys test to be able to apply to Swedish Match. My goals are to get the job at Swedish Match, save enough money to move into a house through a well-known realty company, get a vehicle, and to get a dog.”