Sam’s Voice

My name is Sam. I am a 57 year old male from Owensboro, Kentucky. I am currently divorced but a father to a beautiful daughter and grandfather to 5 grandchildren. I’m currently seeking employment, with several prospects but nothing promising. I am also an addict of substance use, which resulted in my divorce and a contributing factor to my situation of  homelessness. However, I have been sober for about 7 months, which means I haven’t had a drink or drug since. 

At the highest point in my life I had my own car dealership. I was living the dream or my dream at the time. That was then, now my greatest life or dream would be simple one. I just want to have a peaceful, sober, quite life. A life filled with time with my daughter and grandchildren. I am getting to old and tired to chase dreams but I am wiling to work for that dream life of family and quality time with them. I want people to know that I am a really good guy and I care about people. I served my country faithfully in the Military and still try to serve people in my country and community. 

Staying at St. Benedict’s Shelter has been really good. Its been an enlightening experience and the staff/volunteers are so compassionate and caring. The worst part of being in a shelter, is me trying figure out how I obtain my new life. Things just don’t seem to be visible when staying in a shelter. However I know that time, work, and faith will always produce an outcome but seeing that isn’t easy. My goal is to be working within a few weeks and to have my own place in a few months. I await that day when I will be completely happy and free living my new life. A nice relationship with a pretty young woman to share my life with wouldn’t be to bad either. 

I really don’t know where I would be or what life would look like without St. Benedict’s Shelter!