Chris: ‘I am truly blessed to be here … ‘

Visitors and guests see and hear many things when they open the door at St. Benedict’s men’s shelter. Those sights and sounds differ with each visit, but one message prevails.  Our facility is filled with love, compassion, dignity, integrity, and unity. 

Showing care and concern for those who are the most vulnerable among us are cornerstones of our mission. At St. Benedict’s, everyone is equal, regardless of economic or social status.  

Here is an example of the type of devotion and care residents can expect when they enter St. Benedict’s:

One January night during a house meeting the discussion turned to the morale in our facility.

In a facility like St. Benedict’s, it takes courage to speak out among peers. Our men often feel judged and criticized, so voicing an opinion often requires uncommon boldness.

Chris, a resident at the time, stated, “I have been a lot of places here and there and have also been to a lot of big cities, but never have I experienced the morale that this facility has. The men are respectful to one another, they pull together, and they walk together. The volunteers, the staff, and those who serve are all so generous and compassionate. I am truly blessed to be here and appreciate everyone who comes through that door.”

We were so thankful Chris experienced the true spirit of St. Benedict’s.

The care and camaraderie — shared among residents, volunteers, staff, board members, donors, and our community members — comes first and foremost.

We are a family, a fellowship. We truly want the best outcome for every person who walks in our door.

If you serve, volunteer, donate, or work for St. Benedict’s, God bless you, and be reminded that you are part of something so much bigger than the eye can see.  You are living out a purpose — and giving purpose to the lives of others.

Thank you!