Morale-A Residents Perspective

There are many things one might see, hear, or experience when walking through the doors of our facility. The things one may see, hear, or experience may differ, from person to person, but one thing is for sure, and that is, that our facility demonstrates love, compassion, dignity, integrity, and unity. Our facility resides on these things, nonetheless, if you are a resident, a volunteer, if you serve, or even if you are simply dropping off a resident donation. Often, our emotions can sift through our perceptions, opinions, and stigmas, normally derived from our own mind constructs. The reality of humanity and indifference highlight a different truth though, and that is, “that we are all one in the same, regardless of our economic, social, or financial status”.  

I want to bring you along, for a special moment, on the night of January 5th, to demonstrate to you, the core principles of our facility, and just what I mean, when I say, we demonstrate love, compassion, dignity, integrity, and unity, amongst all. On the night of January 5th, during a house meeting, the weight of discussion was on the “morale of our facility”. It takes courage, to speak loudly, amongst your peers, in a facility such as ours. Our men often times, already feel judged, and criticized. So, speaking out, amongst others requires a bold stance, to many. Chris, a current resident of ours stated, “I have been to a lot of places here and there, and have also been to a lot of big cities, but never have I experienced the morale that this facility has. The men are respectful to one another, they pull together, and they walk together. The volunteers, the staff, and those that serve are all so generous and compassionate. I am truly blessed to be here and appreciate everyone that comes through that door.”

Chris was and is right. The morale, comradery, and the unity between all residents, volunteers, staff, board of directors, contributors, and our community is evident. We are a family, a fellowship, and we are intentional, with every foot that walks in our doors. It takes a village, to imprint on the hearts and minds of everyone involved. If you serve, volunteer, donate, or work for St. Benedict’s, God bless you, and be reminded, that you are a part of something so much bigger than the eye can see, and you are living out a purpose, and giving purpose to the lives of others. Thank you!