Extreme Cold Sheltering for All (White Flag Facility)

St. Benedict’s will now be hosting the White Flag Overnight Warming Facility for the Homeless Council of Ohio Valley. This will be a separate facility hosted in the back portion of St. Benedict’s. This will not impose on St. Benedict’s daily operations, food teams, or volunteers. This notice is to provide information to volunteers on how the facility will operate.

White Flag is issued only when temperatures drop below 15 degrees at night from November through March. At that time a white flag will sail at the end of the shelter indicating white flag has been engaged. Due to the lack of bed spacing available at local shelters, White Flag will serve as an over flow facility on nights posing bodily harm due to inclement weather. This facility will be available to men, women, and children and will be staffed at all times to limit liabilities. Men and women will be separated and escorted by staff into the main facility to use the bathrooms. This may mean a volunteer may see a child or female with a female staff member entering the main facility.

The White Flag Facility will operate from 7pm-8am and will check-in through the entrance of the Classroom. Residents of the White Flag will be allowed to shower in the main facility once the St. Benedict’s residents leave for the day at 8am. We will focus on finding each White Flag resident permanent shelter following morning.