2-I Program (Independent Incentive Program)

St. Benedict’ s has been dedicated to helping individuals with temporary shelter, with intentions of one regaining their independence since 2005. As we continue to address barriers many of our resident’s face to reclaim their independence, we try to meet the resident right where they are, in their current situation.

We are pleased to offer a program designed for every individual to become independent, through their own contributions, in our 2-I Program.  The 2-I Program is an incentive program that will reward any resident contributing to the program.

It works by the individual contributing 30% of their earnings monthly, in which we will match up to a 50% percent or $400 upon departure from our facility. The resident must have legitimate income, with proof.

These funds are for the resident to use for utility deposits, rentals, car notes, insurance, or any other expense toward independence. These funds will not be matched for any legal purposes unless discussed and approved by the Director.

Funds deposited, are deposited into a local bank, of the residents choice. We request monthly balances/statements and place them in the residents file.

Funds will only be matched with proof of lease, bill, or purchase agreement and will be paid to the entity where services will be rendered.

This program is geared to motivate and promote responsibility, resulting in reward toward a foundation of independence.